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Energy, Environment and Quality 

Environmental protection and the quest for perfect industrial production are not mutually exclusive at Nexans.

The aims of the management system “Nexans Excellence Way” (NEW) benefit the environment and customers equally. Because lower material and energy usage and optimized logistics translate into attractive prices. “Eliminating waste”, “standardizing”, “selforganized teams” and “performance measurement using transparent target cascading” are just some of the core elements of NEW. To implement these principles in the long term, suitable work environments are needed. We therefore follow the 5S principle, whereby Selecting, Sorting, Systematic cleaning, Standardizing and Selfdiscipline are the basis for high-value products and secure workplaces.

Nexans has its dedicated employees to thank for the success of this 5S strategy, which they have integrated into their daily work; with their attention and involvement, they make sure that the working culture is continuously enhanced.

Health and Safety 

With all its efforts for the greater good and the environment, Nexans does not neglect its duty of care towards its own employees and service providers, and makes every effort to avoid work accidents and occupational illness. We therefore do not limit ourselves to rules and guidelines. Special campaigns and initiatives are designed to raise employees’ awareness of possible dangers in the workplace and motivate them to suggest and implement suitable preventive measures.

As with all other measures, but in particular here: it is essential that employees play an active role.



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