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Cable preparation tools for installation of MV accessories

Rheycut II peeling tool with stop ring

The peeling tool is suitable for removing the extruded outer semi conductive cable screen of medium voltage cables.
Field of application: Diameter over core insulation between 10 mm up to 52 mm.

Depending on the required length of the outer semi-con layer it is possible to use the tool with or without length control. By using the tool without the length control the semi-con layer can be removed up to a length of 25 mm measured from cut-off edge of outer cable sheath. By using the length control, the semi conductive screen is variable from a minimum of 30 mm to a maximum of 100 mm. You can adjust the length of semi con screen required (depending on installation instruction of cable accessories) by a simple screw adjustment.

The cutting depth of the blade is factory set to prepare cables according to DIN VDE 0276-620, without touching the blade adjustment. Cutting depth is around 0.75 mm. In the event of semi-conductive screen thicker than this you can adjust the cutting depth of the blade up to a maximum of 1.2 mm.

Now also for cables with conductor cross-sections > 500 mm²!

Two-in-one cable sheath and cable insulation cutter

The tool is engineered for professional and safe stripping of the outer cable sheath of medium voltage cables having a minimum outer diameter of 15 mm up to maximum diameter of 57 mm.

The tool is also suitable for removing polymeric insulation of medium voltage cables in the aforementioned range.

It has been designed to provide spiral cutting (longitudinal) as well as circumferential cutting. The blade is specially formed with a guiding system lifting the material while cutting it to avoid any damages to the layers underneath. 
Cutting depth is adjustable.

Now also for cables with conductor cross-sections > 500 mm²!

Rheycut® Insulation Stripping Tool

Tool for removing the core insulation of PVC or XLPE insulated medium voltage cables.

Separate tools for voltage level of 10 kV, 20 kV and 30 kV can be delivered. Therefore no adjustment of voltage level or conductor cross-section is necessary.

Damaging the cable conductor is impossible due to the fixed cutting depth.

For more details please see: Product Flyer

Now also for cables with conductor cross-sections > 500 mm²!

Chamfering tool

The chamfering tool is suitable for XLPE cable insulation for a range of diameter from 12 mm to 45 mm.

This very simple to handle tool removes sharp edges at the cut-off edge of cable insulation to avoid possible damage to and to ease installation of slip-on accessories.

Due to its specially formed blade a radius is produced at the cut-off edge. This reduces enormously the force required to install non-size sensitive slip-on accessories.

Now also for cables with conductor cross-sections > 500 mm²!


Tool case complete

Scope of delivery:
- Rigid case
- Two-in-one cable sheath and cable insulation cutter
- Chamfering tool
- Devices (stop rings, silicone grease and allen key for tooling adjustments)

Cordless impact wrench ASKO COMPACT

The new impact wrench ASKO COMPACT is ideally suited for the installation of all GPH® mechanical connectors and cable lugs with shear-off-head bolts. It offers an extremely compact design and thus an even easier installation, ideal for usage in the field.

When using the impact wrench no counter support is necessary because the impact function eliminates rotation of the conductor. Despite the impact function a continuous assembling of the bolts is guaranteed. The stability of already mounted bolts is not influenced by other rotating impacts.

The ergonomically designed rubberized soft grip provides comfortable grip and more control while minimizing hand fatigue and pain. The LED job light with afterglow function ensures the ideal illumination of the assembling area. The variable speed control function as well as the high power 4-pole motor complete the entire package.

Details see Flyer

Approval torque amplifier

Please download the flyer with all cable preparation tools here: FLYER

Tools for cables with conductor cross-sections > 500 mm²



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