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New 250A connector series by EUROMOLD®

The 200LR and the 200SR are the new interface A connectors designed, engineered and manufactured by Nexans. They have all the advantages you expect from the EUROMOLD® product line: sturdy EPDM connectors with a tough 3 mm thick semi-conductive screen, quality and reliability assured by an automated production process and 100% factory testing. These new connectors provide an easy and compact solution to connect cables to equipment.


The connectors have been redesigned to be smaller, so less space is needed to connect cable and equipment. Because of the compact product, cable preparation goes faster with less material to be removed.


Flexibility is guaranteed with the new connectors, covering the full range of cables from 25 to 95 mm2 with one product. Easy selection of the right product and reduced stock levels are the beneficial consequences.


The remarkable design allows a wider tolerance for cable preparation, making it easier to install, saving time and money. The simplified bail system and the new one-bolt contact help to speed up installation. The contact is also self-locking, keeping the connector on the cable during the installation process.


The compact product consumes less raw material and less energy during production. This reduces the environmental impact, while maintaining the robustness of its predecessors. It comes with less packaging and more connector sets fitting on one pallet further decreasing its footprint.

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